Tips For First Timers

Getting Prepped and Ready to Go to Pattaya…

In this section you can read up on some essential Pattaya nightlife information ranging from “Are Pattaya’s Thai Hookers beautiful?” to “Am I going to get AIDS with Thai prostitutes?” to “Is Pattaya a safe city to visit?” and much more. There is a lot to cover on this page but I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

And of course you’ll get practical information such as transportation in Pattaya as well as getting to and from Bangkok’s airports. Plus you’ll find some information about food and of course which hotels and areas you should be staying at for a well rounded sex romp.

Two Questions I’ll Answer Right Off..

Even though there may be a lot of questions in your mind there are two very important things you want to know:

  1. “Where to find the hottest Thai hookers in Pattaya?” Which is a reasonable question because who wants to spend their hard earned cash on an ugly bar girl.
  2. The second question on every first timers mind is “Where to find cheap hot Thai hookers?”.

I’m no mind reader but if you’re on this website those two question are certainly buzzing around on the top of your head.

I wish I could tell you that every single working girl in Pattaya’s sex industry are totally hot. But that would be untruthful.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find any hot girls at all. They may be fewew and far in between but you can find the most attractive bar girls inside popular go go bars along Walking Street and LK Metro. And you will find the names of famous go go bars in Pattaya on our Walking Street Go Go Bar guide.

Most of the best looking girls are usually picked up quickly by sponsors (foreigners with money) as a girlfriend, second girlfriend or even as a wife. But sometimes the best looking girls end back up at the same bar or a different one for varying reasons.

What I can tell you is you’ll find a lot of average looking sex workers all over Pattaya. This may not be exactly what you want to hear but this is the kind of information you’re going to get here. I don’t fluff up and dress up Pattaya’s sex industry. You’ll get the plain truth.

Once you get to Pattaya, you’ll find that Thai girls working in the sex industry are about average looking. But with makeup they’ll look a little better. That said, there are of course a lot of ugly girls selling themselves thrown in the mix. Even ugly girls have to eat.

Take a look at the photos below. I consider them average and the kinds of girls you’ll come across the most often in Pattaya. One of them, to me, is just a hint above average. And one to me I would not even give a Baht to touch my nuts.

Not everyone has the same taste in ladies and I wouldn’t be surprised if there area lot of guys who would consider every single girl in the photos as drop dead gorgeous.

The Good, The Bad And the Ugly

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What could pass as pretty or average to you could be the total opposite to someone else.

But you’ve got numbers on your side. Meaning there are a lot of Thai ladies in the pay for play scene. I can’t give you an actual number on how many Thai ladies are in the game, but if I could make an unscientific guess, lets just say 3,000, that are working in go go bars, massage parlors and of course the beer bars and freelancing on the streets.

Out of those 3,000 you will definitely find at least a handful of girls every night that you would consider attractive. Those are pretty good odds for you.

“The golden rule is if you want to find the best looking Thai hookers then go to the most well known go go bars in Pattaya.”

I know a lot of guys don’t want to spend a lot of money, yet they want to bang the hottest Thai hookers. But the simple fact is, beautiful and attractive sex workers in Thailand cost more money. And the best looking girls know what they are worth so they will work at the best bars where they know bar customers with money choose to hang out. This is the answer to the first question.

The answer to the second question is there is no such thing as cheap hot Thai hookers. I don’t care what you’ve heard or what you’ve been told, no attractive Thai honey in her right mind would have sex with a guy that can’t meet her high price tag.

Don’t Be Stupid – Practice Safe Sex in Pattaya

I’ve been fooling around in Thailand for over 10 years and I’ve been with a lot of Thai hookers. Not once have I caught any nasty surprises. What’s my secret? I used a condom, every single time I had sexual contact with them.

Don't be a dummy. Wear a condom.

Don’t be a dummy. Wear a condom.

Though I have to admit, I’ve had plenty of blow jobs with no protection. But I got them from working girls I’ve known a little longer. Yes, I know there are other nasty diseases I could get from uncovered blow jobs. But I am careful and because I’ve been here longer I know what signs to look out for.

For instance, if you ever come across a sex worker that tells you that you don’t need to use a condom then she either has an STD and doesn’t care about her health and yours.

Or she’s planning to rob you. There are sex workers that double as thieves and part of their sales pitch to unsuspecting tourists is cheap condom-less sex as a lure to seal the deal. I don’t mean to scare you, but you should be very careful of unscrupulous people who know you’ll be thinking with your dick and not your brains.

Now I don’t need to go further on about this subject. If you’re reading this and planning on getting it on with Thai hookers in Pattaya then you should be wise enough to know that wearing a condom is without a doubt one of the most important things to do.

Safety Issues in Pattaya

Overall Thailand is a safe country. However, like any city with a lot of drunken tourists, shit can happen, especially in Pattaya.

In general, go go bars and massage parlors are safe to have fun in. They treat customers as well as they can because they want them to come back. Thai street hookers or bar freelancers are mostly harmless too but that doesn’t mean you should put your guard down.

Pickpocketing does happen and so does outright theft. When I write this blog I’m mostly writing about my own personal experience. I’ve been fooling around in Pattaya as well as Bangkok’s red light districts for over a decade.

I had never once been robbed, beaten, pick-pocketed or stabbed and shot. I know at least a few dozen personal friends who have been in the same red light districts as I have and they too have never had any serious problems.

safety in pattaya

This isn’t to say that shit doesn’t happen in some degree in Pattaya, it does and it can everyday. However, you can avoid such problems by not making yourself a target.

“The most important advice I can give you is don’t talk to random strangers that come up to you, either Thai or a foreigner!”

Avoid wearing jewelry and flashing money around. If you’re rich as hell, keep it a secret, no one has to know. And as much as I love alcohol and getting wasted I don’t do it often and when I do I make sure I’m with a group of friends and a few of them are not drinking so they can keep an eye out on things.

Now, if you’re traveling to Pattaya alone, I do not recommend getting totally wasted to the point you can’t protect yourself if shit happens. If you’re traveling with a few friends, make sure one is sober.

If you’re bringing freelance hookers to your room, lock up your valuables in your hotel’s room safe. No safe? Get a good lock for your luggage and keep everything locked up good.

And remember what your mother told you about talking to strangers when you were a kid? She’s right. I’m talking about people that approach you on the street while you’re walking or even when your sitting down somewhere having a beer looking at girls.

safety in pattaya_1

Normal visitors to Pattaya’s red light districts keep to themselves which is normal. There are foreigners staying in Pattaya targeting unsuspecting tourists with whatever scam they got going on. Just keep to yourself and watch your drink.

As a tourist, if you’re traveling alone, my biggest advice for you is don’t get completely wasted and don’t make new friends. You’ll save yourself a world of trouble.

Age of Sexual Consent in Thailand

Now working girls’ ages will vary as well. I personally think the bulk of working girls in Pattaya are aged between 20 and 40. You will find girls aged 18 (Thai legal age for girls in the sex industry) to 20 easily too. You will also find plenty of older ladies working too, though usually as freelancers on Beach Road and the smaller beer bars all along the side streets.

Soi Diana Beer Bars in Pattaya

Soi Diana Beer Bars in Pattaya

Whatever you do, don’t get involved with anyone, either a girl or a boy under 18. There is no need for me to explain further why you shouldn’t be doing it. There some exceptions for Thai people according to Thai laws which I won’t cover them here. But for tourists, don’t bother paying for sex with anyone deemed too young.

Now that we got the important questions out of the way, below you’ll find some practical travel information on Pattaya for you newbies.

Pattaya Beach at dawn...

Pattaya Beach at dawn…

How to Approach Thai Prostitutes

Most Thai girls working in the sex industry can speak differing degrees of English. Some can speak a minimal amount and some can speak conversational as well as read and write. But no matter what if they are working and you are paying some way and some how the both of you will understand each other.

Thai prostitutes will ask you how long you’ll be staying and if it’s your first time in Pattaya. These kinds of questions are not random. They’re sussing you out politely. They want to know how long you’re staying because while you’re in Pattaya she could potentially be a short time girl friend which leads to more money in her pocket. After all, if you want to spend time and bang her you’ll have to compensate her.

Remember, Thai prostitutes are easily approachable.

Remember, Thai prostitutes are easily approachable.

They want to know if it’s your first time to see if you know the game. Because if it’s your first time they will assume you don’t know how much to pay and will most likely overcharge you. for you I’ve listed down the general price ranges for beer bar girls in Pattaya here.

The most important tip I can offer you is to relax. Don’t be nervous when you approach the ladies.