2 Nights in Pattaya – Thai Freelancers

Got 2 Nights in Pattaya? How About Spending it With a Thai Freelancer (or two or three) …

Pattaya's Beach Road is the place to go find Thai street hookers around the clock.

Pattaya’s Beach Road is the place to go find Thai street hookers around the clock.

Certain parts of Pattaya’s streets are filled with hookers when the sun comes down. And even then if you’ve arrived early into town you can still find freelancers walking the streets looking for guys in need of an afternoon delight.

But freelancers can also be found hanging out anywhere in the clubs of Walking Street as well. Basically anywhere there are bars and alcohol there be street hookers to keep you company while you drink and stay with you for a night or two back at your hotel.

After a Night of Oil Massage and Go Go Girls

If you already did the 1st Night in Pattaya route and have another night you should definitely check out Pattaya’s freelancers. There are so many Thai hookers working on their own in Pattaya. So much that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a girl with the face and body you’re looking for.

You can find Thai freelancers inside bars, clubs and especially on the streets.

You can find Thai freelancers inside bars, clubs and especially on the streets.

I previously mentioned that Thai freelancers are not as hot as their go go bar girl sisters. That’s just my personal opinion. Parts of the year I live in Pattaya and other parts I live in Bangkok.

Girls come and go in Thailand’s sex industry meaning there will always be fresh faces coming in around the country in search of quick cash or a generous boyfriend and future husband.

My point is when the timing is right I suppose you’ll find a whole lot more hot looking Thai street hookers working public roads, bars and clubs.

“Remember, the best looking Thai freelancers hang out in clubs and bars, where they have a better chance of meeting men with money.”

Walking Street is not so big so you can easily walk from one club to the next.

Walking Street is not so big so you can easily walk from one club to the next.

Clubs/Discos and Beer Bars to find Pattaya Freelancers

With 2 nights in Pattaya you don’t want to run around looking for the best clubs.

So here are 3 clubs and discos you should check out:

  1. Lucifer Disco: This is a popular disco drawing a lot of younger Thai sex workers. Why? Because a lot of younger foreigners visit visit Lucifer Disco too. As much as Thai hookers love money they also like young handsome foreigners. Though that doesn’t mean if you’re twice their age they won’t have sex with you, that is as long as you can pay for it. Unlike a lot of other clubs and discos this one has the most freelance hookers.
  2. Mixx Nightlife Disco: This club is one of the more upper scale venues on Walking Street. You can expect to pay more for freelancers hanging out there because Mixx is usually the type of place where customers with some extra spending money go to. But there are also freelancers working inside with not too much of a demand for cash. So still a club worth checking out.
  3. Frog Bar: Okay, this ones for those who don’t have a whole lot of money for alcohol and pussy. I’m not saying you’re going to find cheap sex either. But here you’ll find prices that are more reasonable for both. It’s a large open air beer bar right in the heart of Walking Street.  There’s no air conditioning but you won’t have a problem finding a Thai honey to put some ice on your balls. Plenty of loud music and girls dancing on chrome poles too.
Map of Go Go Bars and Discos on Walking Street.

Map of Go Go Bars and Discos on Walking Street.

Frog Beer Bar gets really busy at night.

Frog Beer Bar gets really busy at night.

Hotel Recommendations for 2 Nights in Pattaya

If you’re planning to get mixed up with some Thai freelancers you best get a place right in Walking Street. This way you get to check out the go go bars too.

So here are 3 hooker friendly hotels in Walking Street area:

Aya Boutique Hotel: 555/54, Moo 10, Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand 20150

Aya Boutique Hotel

Aya Boutique Hotel

2000THB/Night Book Now for Discounts

This is one of the nicest hotels in Pattaya and not too expensive in my opinion because the quality is good and it’s just a few minutes walk to the beach.

Walking Street is about a 5 minute walk and there are many oil massage shops nearby as well. Just want to note they list themselves as a 4 star hotel but it’s more like a 3.

Dream Hotel Pattaya: 115/11 M.10 Pratumnak Road,, Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand 20150

Dream Hotel Pattaya

Dream Hotel Pattaya

1000THB/Night Book Now for Discounts

Here’s one inexpensive hotel located right in the heart of Walking Street. Just a few minutes walk and you’ll reach Soi Diamond with many go go bars and beer bars.

It’s close enough to pick up hookers yet far enough that shouldn’t come across any serious noise issues from all the nearby go go bars.

The Green View: 175/51 Moo 10, Walking Street Soi 15, Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand 20150

Green View Hotel Pattaya

Green View Hotel Pattaya

1200THB/Night Book Now for Discounts

The Green View is situated right in Soi Diamond so a lot of single guys love staying there. Renovated back in 2013 so the hotel has newer design look and feel.

But most of the guys who stay there love the fact that Walking Street is just minutes away though right downstairs you can enjoy a few popular go go bars, Super Baby A Go Go and Heavens Above.

There are not a lot of very nice hooker friendly hotels right within Walking Street area but I picked out those 3 above just to help make your choices simple and easy. I don’t recommend staying in a low quality hotel in Walking Street area you’ll just have a horrible time.