Pattaya Walking Street

Guide to Pattaya’s Main Red Light District

Walking Street is located in South Pattaya. It’s the city’s most well known red light district by the sea.  Thai prostitutes working out hundreds of go go bars, beer bars, clubs and discos area all condensed together is what foreigners from around the world come to Pattaya to experience and hook up with beautiful Thai girls.

Walking Street begins where Beach Road Ends and extends about 600 meters down to Bali Hai Pier. A lot of the go go bars are condensed with many beer bars, restaurants and other assortment of tourists shops lining the street. There are also a couple of sex show shops as well and are also quite popular with tourists.

Things have changed a lot these days in Pattaya. Before it was mainly visited by male sex tourists from all over the world. Now, due to Pattaya’s popularity as sin city there are also regular tour groups coming in droves for the Walking Street experience.

Map of Pattayas Go Go Bars, Beer Bars, Discos and Sex Show locations.

Map of Pattayas Go Go Bars, Beer Bars, Discos and Sex Show locations.

Several years ago Pattaya has started seeing some changes on visitor demographics. Today there are a large shift of Chinese and Russian tourists on family holidays strolling through Walking Street.

Funny thing is you don’t have to go to Walking Street just to have sex with prostitutes. You can go there for the restaurants, cheap massage parlors and clubs and bars for some drinks and perhaps some dancing with other female tourists. Once my nephews came to visit me Pattaya and took them to Frog Beer Bar.

Sure there were plenty of Thai prostitutes but since my nephews’ girlfriends came along they pretty much left our group alone as long as we were buying their drinks from their bar. We met all kinds of tourists and even bumped into some university girls from the UK heading into Baccara go go bar. This just goes to show not only tourists on a strictly sex basis visit Pattaya.

So don’t surprised when you see a tour guide holding flag followed by a group of tourists.

But make no mistake, Walking Street has the biggest reputation as Pattaya’s main red light district. Even though the city actually has several locations for finding Thai hookers spread from south of the city and up north. Just take a look at Soi LK Metro located in central Pattaya and you’ll know what I mean.

Walking Street's go go bars have the reputation for having the best looking bar girls.

Walking Street’s go go bars have the reputation for having the finest looking bar girls.

Walking Street has the largest yet tightest concentration of go go bars block for block. With so many go go bars you’re not going to have a problem finding the right bar girl to keep you company. Go go bars are Pattaya’s main attractions. The primary adult entertainment venues that draw sex tourists to the city from around the world.

But not all go go bars are the same of course. Some are small bars with around 10 girls max. While the bigger and most popular go go bars have around 50 girls on their roster, rotating on shifts of 2 or 3 groups of girls dancing for about 5 minutes on stage until the DJ chimes in for shift change.

Certain bars with have girl on girl sex hows that usually start around 11pm. And watching one is quite fun and worth the time while having a beer and a beautiful bar girl sitting on your lap.

Live Sex Shows, Beer Beers and Clubs

Go go bars are not the only establishments you can find hookers and take them to your hotel room.

For sex shows head to Hooty's A Go Go on Walking Street

For sex shows head to Hooty’s A Go Go on Walking Street

Live she shows in Pattaya are similar type establishments seen in on of Bankgok’s Patpong red light district. There are only two bars to go if you want to see live sex shows called Hooty’s A Go Go.

Personally I’m not a big fan of unattractive Thai girls shooting ping pong balls at the faces of onlookers. And seeing razor blades come out of pussies make me want to throw up. I don’t have a strong stomach for such extreme shows. However, Hooty’s has a decent lesbian show too so I would stick around for that.

There are several beer bars within Walking Street. One of them is called Soi Diamond Arcade that has a group of beer bars you might enjoy. (see map above).

For me beer bars are a fun way to meet more girls in an uncrowded atmosphere. Part of the fun at beer bars is interacting with the ladies in front and behind the bars. You can play drinking games with them

Beer bars are all open air and plenty are to be found within Walking Street. Some beer bars are quiet with barely a customer in sight. Some are crowded from seat to seat. I find girls working out of beer bars are excellent if you want a quick sexual release.

There is a short time hotel next to Soi Diamond. Perfect for quickies, just 300THB for an 1 hour use.

There is a short time hotel next to Soi Diamond. Perfect for quickies, just 300THB for an 1 hour use.

If you want to be in a super exciting club atmosphere for picking up Thai freelancers then Walking Street will not disappoint. But if you want a different taste many Russian girls can be found inside.

But you should also know that not all Russian girls inside are sex workers. Many of them could just be normal club goers on a holiday in Pattaya. However, I find it kind of fun to approach an attractive Russian girl and asking her out. If she says no, well it’s no big deal. Don’t feel bad about it because clubs are where guys go hit on girls, whether it’s a hit or miss.

Insomnia Club is one of my favorite clubs to go with friends. It’s not also a good place to go alone to pick up a girl friend to keep you company. We’ve never had a bad time inside before. And I will tell you it’s one of the best clubs in Bangkok for partying and finding girls to party with you. Most of the Thai freelancer prostitutes that go to Insomnia can speak a fair amount of English. So there’s no language barrier to worry about.

I get a lot of emails from guys asking me how to approach girls in bars. I simply tell them to go up and say hello. That’s it. Now that doesn’t guarantee they will like you instantly. So you’ll have to do a bit of chit chat to get to know them. But the best way to get them to like you is of course pay them for having sex with you!