Pattaya Bar Girl Rates

All You Need to Know About Bar Fines, Lady Drinks, Short Time and Long Time

If you don't pay a bar fine, you can't take out a bar girl.

If you don’t pay a bar fine, you can’t take out a bar girl.

Bar Fines Explained

Pattaya has around 80 to 100 go go bars. All of them charge a “bar fine”. What exactly is a bar fine?

When you visit a go go bar and spot a bar girl you like dancing on the stage, you can take her out of the bar. But she just can’t pick up and leave with you so you can have sex with her in your hotel room.

“Pattaya’s bars fine rates range between 500THB to 2000THB. The actual price depends on time and type of bar girl.”

Because you are taking her out of the go go bar, you will have to pay a “bar fine” to the bar.  The money doesn’t go to the bar girls’ pocket. It goes to the bars’ cash register. Remember, the bar fine price is not negotiable and discounts are out of the question.

Pattaya’s bars charge customers a bar fine because if their bar girl is outside with you, she won’t be inside potentially earning drink money from other customers inside. Also, bar owners do not get a percentage of the cash bar girls earn from having sex with customers (more info about rates bar girls charge for sex below).

Currently, depending on how big the bar is or how fancy the bar is in Pattaya, a bar fine ranges from 500THB up to 1500THB.

Pattaya go go bar girls that look this hot usually have a 1500THB bar fine price tag.

Pattaya go go bar girls that look this hot usually have a 2000THB bar fine price tag.

To complicate things a bit more now, go go bars are wising up a bit. Most of the popular bars charge higher bar fine rates if customers are taking a bar girl out earlier on the night. So when it’s later on in the night, say between midnight or 2am (bar closing time) bar fine rates will be lower.

“When you’re ready to leave with a bar girl in hand, you pay the bar fine on top of your drink bill. Just say ‘check bin’ and the bar will get your total drink bill including bar fine price.

Go go bars do this because they want to keep their girls inside, particularly their hottest looking girls so that they can attract more customers. Makes sense right? If all of their best looking girls are out early in the night and not dancing on the stage to attract men walking outside then there’s no one to buy alcohol.

Some go go bars employ a certain category of bar girls called “Coyote girls”. These are a category of bar girls that usually stand outside as greeters and hostess or dancing on stage to attract passing customers who take a look inside. And they are mostly hot with gorgeous bodies and very easy on the eye.

Expect to pay more money for bar fines for the best looking bar girls.

Expect to pay more money for bar fines for the best looking bar girls.

Bar owners rely on coyote girls to bring in customers so they try and keep them on premise. And if a customer wants to take one out they’ll really have to pay for it. You can expect to pay 2000THB bar fines for coyote bar girls to take them out.

Finally, the price you pay a go go girl bar girl for sex, either short time or long time is separate from the bar fine. More about that below. For now I’ll talk about lady drinks, one of the reasons why bar owners want their best girls kept inside the establishment.

Finally, remember that bar fines are paid on top of your total drink bill. Never pay it up front.

Lady Drinks

Even though bar owners are essentially pimps, their primary business income is through the sale of alcohol. Now we all know beers and spirits, hell even the small bottled waters are over-priced in bars. But that’s okay, they are in business because they want to make money to cover overheads and make a living. I’m all for it. Go go bar girls make a commission on lady drinks too.

Here's a go go bar drink receipt. You'll see the price for lady drink (150THB) as well as customer's ordered drinks.

Here’s a go go bar drink receipt. You’ll see the price for lady drink (150THB) as well as customer’s ordered drinks.

“One lady drink cost a minimum of 100THB but could be higher depending on what she orders as well as how famous the go go bar is.”

Besides customers buying drinks for themselves, bar owners also make money from customers buying lady drinks. It is mandatory for customers, not only to buy a drink for themselves, but to buy a lady drink when they invite a bar girl over to sit with them.

Don’t be upset if she doesn’t finish her lady drink. You have to buy a drink for her regardless. And one drink does not mean they sit with you the entire night. Depending on the bar establishment, girls will sit you with for about 5 to 10 minutes. She will have to eventually return to the stage to dance unless you buy her another drink.

But I know from personal experience that bar girls will sit with you a little longer if the bar is not busy. And if you want her to come back you’ll have to buy another lady drink.

This bar charges 105THB for lady drinks. Today many go go bars in Pattaya clearly list their drink prices.

This bar charges 105THB for lady drinks. Today many go go bars in Pattaya clearly list their drink prices.

A standard lady drink cost about 100THB or more and usually consists of a cola or orange juice. The bigger and better go go bars in Pattaya will charge 150THB for that same cola. Today a lot of go go bars in Pattaya list their lady drink prices clearly on menus so customers can check out the prices before going in.

Usually go go bar girls that you have asked to sit with you will order the standard cola lady drink which I explained is the cheapest. However, they may ask a customer if she can order a shot of tequila, which cost more, so she makes more commission.

And some bar owners work out a scheme with their employed girls. The more drinks they help push and sell the more they can earn.

Just sit back and enjoy. Because when you buy a lady drink you’re inviting her to be playful, possibly teasing you by playing with your balls. Who doesn’t like that? If there is space she’ll even sit on your lap and give you a little erotic lap dance.

The rule is you buy lady drink for go go girls you invite to sit with you.

The rule is you buy lady drink for go go girls you invite to sit with you.

Important tip for Newbies about lady drinks

While sitting down alone at a go go bar and enjoying the sight of a dozen girls dancing on stage topless, sometimes a bar girl will sit right next to you and ask you to buy her a lady drink.

Because you didn’t invite her to come sit with you, customers can say no. Sometimes uninvited bar girls can be a bit pushy. Yet playful while asking for a lady drink but again you can always give a polite no.

Point is, don’t be pressured to buy lady drinks for any girl you did not ask to sit with you. While it is common practice for mamasans to have girls push customers to buy drinks, they usually do so in a polite manner. After all they are in a business of making money. Which I am not opposed to.

On the flip side, if you don’t have any qualms about money then feel free to buy lady drinks for any one you choose. You can buy drinks for the DJ, waitress, the mamasan or the ugliest girl in the bar to put a smile on her face.

When you buy bar girls a lady drink they will be playful with you.

When you buy bar girls a lady drink they will be playful with you.

But you can’t have sex with bar girls inside a go go bar. For that, you’ll have to talk to her and decide if you want to take her outside of the bar for an 1 hour (short time) or for the whole night (long time).

Short Time and Long Time Explained

While having sex with Thai hookers, in essence you are paying for her time with you. And her time is split up into two unique terms:

  1. Short Time (Around 1 Hour)
  2. Long Time (1 Night)

Short time means you get 1 hour with that bar girl you just paid bar fine for. With short time you get to cum once. And if you shoot too fast, like in 10 minutes chances are she won’t stay the full 1 hour.

Duration for long time typically means late night until dawn or early morning. You get two shots, one when you get to your hotel bed and one more time before she leaves in the morning.

How much do bar girls charge for short time and long time? You’ll find out about that below.

Taking bar girls home.

Taking bar girls home.

Pattaya Bar Girl Sex Rates

This is what you’re here for. Sex for sale is a major industry in Pattaya. A lot of guys from all over the world venture there to have sex with Thai hookers.

Now here’s the scenario. You bought your bar girl lady drinks. You enjoyed the way she rubs your balls and admired how her tits don’t sag unlike your ex-wife. And you’ve decided to take her out of the bar to hit up a dance club and then back to your hotel room to see her naked and complete your sexual fantasies.

There are 2 kinds of places to find bar girls:

  1. Beer Bars
  2. Go Go Bars

Okay, so it’s obvious. But girls working in go go bars and beer bars charge different prices. Both have their pros and cons.

A popular beer bar in Pattaya.

A popular beer bar in Walking Street Pattaya.

Pattaya Beer Bars

Girls working out of beer bars type establishments charge cheaper rates and even have cheap short time rooms for rent on premise or nearby. And these establishments are open air, some can are operating in middle of the road or clustered together along tiny lanes.

If you’re looking for cheaper prices for alcohol and sex, beer bars will suit you fine.

Depending on the area along the sois of Pattaya some beer bars rival the looks of a club with live bands. Some can be down right dingy with a CD player/radio.

Many Thai girls working at beer bars are easy on the eyes.

Many Thai girls working at beer bars are easy on the eyes.

Beer bars outnumber go go bars greatly and that means you will find the most sex workers there to keep you company. You can play bar games with the girls and price for lady drinks are much more reasonable. Most beer bars even have pool tables and darts to play with your own friends or even the ladies. It’s a lot more of a relaxed casual atmosphere.

Though because beer bars are in open spaces there is not a whole lot of privacy. Which means girls working inside can’t be dancing nude. That’s the trade off. Though that doesn’t mean they can’t play with your balls while you’re having a beer and watching football. They just have to do it under the table.

“Bar fine rates for beer bars in Pattaya range from 200THB to 500THB and not more”.

Personally I love exploring beer bars, not only because the prices they charge are more down to earth when it comes to prices for alcohol but because you can discover some fine looking girls without all the noise and hype inside go go bars.

Another thing I have to add is many beer bars employ ladyboys mixed in with genuine bar ladies. It’s quite common for beer bars along the sois of Pattaya to have a token ladyboy. It may be hard for newbies to distinguish real girls from guys with tits so my suggestion is don’t be shy about it. Just ask. Better to find out at that moment then back in your hotel room.

Beware though, many ladyboys are mixed in along real ladies in Pattaya's beer bars.

Beware though, many ladyboys are mixed in along real ladies in Pattaya’s beer bars. But is she a real lady? Or not?

Bar girls working at beer bars also have to be bar fined in order for customers to take them out. Good news is most beer bars charge around 200THB to 500THB.

Beer bar girl rates for short time and long time:

  1. Short Time: 1000THB to 2000THB
  2. Long Time: 2500THB to 4500THB

So those are the rates beer bar girls charge for their time. Though I have to add those prices are not set in stone. It could be cheaper or it could be a little bit more expensive but not so much.

Go Go Bar Girls

Go go bars on the other hand are all indoors for greater privacy. So go go bar girls can dry hump customers and dance nude on stage. Many of the more popular ones also perform girl on girl shows which are quite popular and draw lots of customers.

Go go bars are good for guys who want to take a better look at bar girls before bar fining them.

Go go bars are good for guys who want to take a better look at bar girls before bar fining them.

I know a lot of guys prefer spending money in go go bars over beer bars because they can see the girls naked on stage. They can easily check out the girls bodies as some of my friends don’t like their girls with stretch marks on stomachs, a tell tale sign those girls had babies.

Pattaya’s go go bars come in many shapes and sizes. Some can only accommodate 20 sitting customers. There are mega sized multi floored go go bars as well in Pattaya complete with functioning jacuzzis where girls put on shows. Larger venues can accommodate a 100 customer and maybe more with standing room.

Many go go bars in Pattaya these days look great to hang out in.

Many go go bars in Pattaya these days look great to hang out in.

Some have glass ceilings where customers can look straight up the crotches of bar girls dancing on the second floor with no panties.

As I mentioned already, bar fine rates in Pattaya’s go go bars are higher the classier the joint is. If you go to a dingy go go bar you can expect pay 500THB for short time. Classier high quality bars you can expect to pay 800THB for short time.

Because go go bars are indoors, much more can happen inside.

Because go go bars are indoors, much more can happen inside.

That said, go go bars that charge more money employ highly desirable bar girls. And it works. Many of the top go go bars in Pattaya are packed full of customers on chairs and standing too.

Smaller go go bars employ about 10 girls while the larger bars employ 30 to 50 girls. Larger bars group there girls into dance shifts on stage with space for erotic girl on girl shows.

Go Go Bar Girl rates short time and long time rates:

  1. Short Time: 1500THB to 3000THB
  2. Long Time: 3000THB to 6000THB

The rates above are not set in stone but those are the general prices you come across when asking a sex worker how much short time or long time costs.

“Keep in mind. Hotter go go girls charge more. Ugly ones charge less. It’s a universal law.”

Some Advice on Talking to Go Go Bar Girls

  • If you like anal sex or if you have any weird sexual fantasies, it’s best you share them with go go girls before deciding on taking them out. You don’t want to be disappointed in your room.
  • Don’t try and lowball price the girls. Their jobs are not easy.
  • You will come across girls that try and do a runner even though you’re paying her for long time. You should talk with her and agree on a time she should be leaving. Or you can always tell her you pay her half of the agreed price when she gets to your room and the other half when she departs your room.