Guide to Pattaya’s Red Light Districts

Pattaya is another city in Thailand with a major red light district. Located southeast of Bangkok, about 148 kilometers away – Pattaya has a lively beach and a port of call to nearby Koh Lan and Koh Phai islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

Though what Pattaya is most well known for are the scores of go go bars, massage sex parlors and everything else in between. Beer bar and beach hookers though make up the hugest attraction for tourists looking to stretch their budget hunting for cheap sex and thrills.

Though Pattaya still has some major players in the go go bar scene with the hottest Thai bar girls that will go home with you if you meet their price quote. Pattaya has a bit of everything for tourists with money and even those with not so much cash to throw around.

No matter how much money you’ve got stuffed in your pockets and ready to spend in Pattaya we’ll show you where to find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay or a little bit of both and into ladyboys Pattaya Red Eye is your source.

Pattaya is not a big city – All the areas where you can find soapies, go go and beer bars are situated along the city’s beach. Even though the places you want to go to are a little spread out you can still reach these places easily. Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya’s streets are laid out like a grid with major streets with clearly posted signs. And if you’ve got a good map handy, like the ones you find on this website it’s not easy to get lost.

Basically there are 3 major points of interest in Pattaya for seeking sex for sale:

  1. North Pattaya – Soi 2 to Soi 6 although this is a smaller red light district this is the place to go to find soapy massage parlors. Also on Soi 6 there are go go bars, beer bars and ladyboy/massage/bars.
  2. Central Pattaya – This particular zone is called LK Metro where you’ll find a lot of go go bars. You can also find many beer bars starting along Soi Diana and oil massage shops along Soi Buakow and Soi Lengkee.
  3. South Pattaya – This is where Walking Street is located. It is mainly a go go bar area but just outside of Walking Street zone you’ll also find oil massage parlors too with happy endings. Walking Street is also where you can find a couple of places for sex shows too.


Your Essential Pattaya Survival Guide – Where to Go and What to Do

Pattaya can be a real fun place for men. But if this is your first trip or even your second time around, finding out where to go can be a waste of time. Because there are many go go bars and other kinds of sex shops you can choose but it won’t mean anything if you can’t find them. That’s why here you’ll find loads of maps to point you in the right direction.

You’ll also learn tips on advice on how much you should be paying for certain services. Many go go bars and even soapy massage shops have different prices. So you’ll find out how much you should be paying. Though most go go bars are quite honest when it comes to settling on the bill for drinks it’s still good to know the approximate cost of drinks right? But where ever there are tourists there will always be those around to take advantage of them.

Here, you’ll learn how much you should be paying for sex service. Or at least a ball park figure. Don’t want to spend too much? You’ll also learn where to find cheap hookers are in Pattaya as well as how much the go go bar girls asking price at well known go go bars on Walking Street and even on Soi LK Metro.

Soi LK Metro Map

Soi LK Metro Map

Pattaya is not a huge city though its major points of interest are a little spread out. You can certainly stay in one location where there are lots of go go bars like Walking Street and Soi LK Metro and still be able to go to many other beer bars, massage parlors and soapies.

You’ll still find a wide list of hotels in Pattaya for you to pick. I recommend doing your research and check for yourself the reviews on the hotels. There are a lot of very nice hotels in Pattaya with decent prices. There are also many cheap hotels in Pattaya that are decent in quality too.

And of course all of the hotels mentioned on this website permit hookers in guests rooms with no extra charge or joiner fee. But there are exceptions to the rule so be sure to check out the bar girl friendly hotels section for more information.

You’ll also find a map location of hotels with nearby go go bars, oil massage shops and of course soapies too on this website.

A Guide for Newbies And Frequent Visitors to Pattaya

Whether you’re green around the ears in Thailand or a seasoned pro you’ll find updated maps and info on Pattaya’s nightlife. Though this guide is mainly created for those who’ve never been to Thailand’s nightlife before. And like I’ve done on Bangkok Red Eye, this website is set to put the newbies on ease about fooling around in Pattaya.

And I know most everyone have certain time constraints on how long they can stay. In a nutshell you can sample a lot of the best go go bars, oil massage shops and soapies in Pattaya all within 3 days.┬áBut even if you only have 2 or even 1 day (at least 12 hours) you’ll still find this guide resourceful.

So with all you newbies reading this the best place for you to start getting your feet wet with the proper information is right here at Red Eye Travel Guide.